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- 製品のお手入れについて -









MOTHER HAND artisanのニットは上質の素材を使用し、その風合いを活かした編み方をしています。正しくお洗濯をして頂くことにより、表情が柔らかくなってきて身体に馴染んでゆきます。

- Care and cleaning of our products -

It is advised to wash the garment by hand in order to preserve the knit materials in their best condition

・Put neutral detergent into water of 30 degrees or less and mix them.

・Immerse the folded knit material into the water and leave 10-15 minutes.
   (Do not knead or push hard)

・Rinse them gently with tepid water until it gets transparent.

・Add adequate quantities of fabric softener and immerse for about 5-10 minutes.
   (Only if you’d like to leave the aroma on the knit material) 

・Put the knitted garment in a laundry net and set the machine for spin-dry for 3 minutes.

・Smooth it out and let it dry flat, in a dry place inside and avoid direct sunlight.

・Gently iron at medium temperature. Steam wrinkles gently without pressing hard.

・Ironing will form the knitted stitches and the shape.

We at MOTHER HAND artisan use high quality material and make the best of its texture for knitting. Washing properly will affect its surface, it will make it softer and it will fit you better.