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How to keep your knit in best shape

All our products have such a paper tag.What is this?

It is advice about how to wash for use your knit of MOTHER HAND artisan habitually for a longer time.

You can see as follows so that knit talks.

--- How to keep me in shape. ---

I recommend hand washing to stay beautiful.

- Pour neutral detergent (or detergent for delicates) in warm water below 30.

- Place me in the water for 10-15 mins (Do not pull me or twist me).

- Rinse me gently until the water becomes clear.

- Place me in a washing net. Spin-dry me in the washing machine (for 30 sec.)

- Lay me out flat then dry me flat. I prefer to avoid sunlight and dry in room temperature. Do not fold me while I am drying.

- Iron me at moderate temperature. Use steam iron gently.

I like to be ironed gently without too much pressure. This final touch will reshape the stitches and the form

- If I'm made of cotton, I don't mind being washed in the washing machine with wool program.

I'm created with care for the highest quality in production and materials.

If you care properly for me, I will become alive to free my comfort and beauty.


After rinsing, you can use a fabric softener that will be softer finish.

Please use a fragrant softener which has the aroma of your favorite.


これはMOTHER HAND artisanのニットをより長くご愛用頂くためのお洗濯方法のアドバイスです。




--- 製品のお手入れについて ---

- 30℃以下のぬるま湯に中性洗剤(または専用洗剤)を入れ、混ぜ合わせます。

- ニットをたたんだ状態でその中に入れ、10〜15分つけこみます。


- ぬるま湯で水が透明になるまで優しくすすぎます。

- 洗濯ネットで包み、脱水機で約30秒間まわしてください。

- 形を整えて平干しにします。直射日光を避け、室温で乾燥させてください。.

- 最後に、中温のアイロンで仕上げて下さい。スチームをあてながら、押さえつけず、


- コットン素材はウールプログラムで洗濯可能です。

MOTHER HAND artisanのニットは上質の素材を使用し、その風合いを活かした編み方をしています。正しくお洗濯をして頂くことにより、表情が柔らかくなってきて身体に馴染んでゆきます。