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We love our materials 2

Don't you think the knitwear is only for the autumn and winter?
Of course, no, we don't think so.
We think it possible to wear the knitwear by the materials according as the season, in spring and summer.
For spring and summer collection, we propose the models by the material DAKOTA which is raw material from 100% Pima cotton, dare is knit in middle gauge and for wearing next to the skin directly too.

Pima cotton, also known as extra-long staple, Sea Island or Egyptian cotton, is a species of cotton plant and make a extra fine and soft yarn from them.
We produce the spring & summer collection by the material DAKOTA which is raw material from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, is still cultivated and picked by hand today, according to traditional methods in Peruvian uplands. Also in the harsh natural conditions, Peruvian Pima cotton, soft and bulky as clouds, brings something warmth and strength of life. And they are picked by hand. It means that is the highest quality of raw material because they are picked by hand and simultaneously selected by eye, that is not to be able to do by the mechanized picking.

We make the models in middle gauge by using DAKOTA.
Middle gauge knitting can have a uneven texture, so it brings good a refreshing feel by moderate touch to the skin. And the small opening between the stitches brings a touch to breathe well over looks.
About washing, you can use by washing machine. But it's not good to strong turn and strong twist for the knit wear. We really advise you to wash with wool program and using a washing bag, please.
After washing, you can wear directly enough or you can iron at middle tempereture and steam to get soft feel.

Knitwear creates one's presence according to be made a shape directly from the yarn, even though has the same structure of T-shirt or Cut & sew.
Also it brings the softness of face and comfortableness that the woven fabric doesn't exist.
Please try our products and discover a new thinking if you don't try it yet!

私達は春夏のニットにDAKOTAという上質なペルー産のピマコットン(Pima cotton)100%を使用し、あえてミドルゲージで、素肌にも着れるニットを提案しています。

素材のピマコットンは、上質な3大コットンの一つです。エジプト綿、海島綿(Sea Island cotton)と同種のバルバデンセ種で超長繊維綿からは細くてしなやかな糸が作られます。
MOTHER HAND artisanで使用している素材DAKOTAは、ピマコットンの中でもペルー産のピマコットンで、ペルーの高地で今なお伝統的な手法で育てられ、手摘み で収穫されます。厳しい自然環境の中でも、まるで雲のように柔らかに、たわわに育つコットンからは、その力強い生命力のような暖かみさえ感じられます。そ して、そのコットンは手摘みで収穫されます。人が直接きちんと選別できることで、機械収穫ではできない、人の目による品質コントロールを原料の段階で出来 ることが手摘みの良いところです。

MOTHER HAND artisanでは、そのピマコットンを使用しミドルゲージでニットを作ります。

For Autumn/Winter
- Super fine Wool 75% / Angora 25% (LAMORA)
- Super fine Wool 100%

For Spring/Summer
- Pima cotton 100% (DAKOTA)
- Pima cotton 50% / Wild silk 50%

For Middle season ( we are trialling now)
- Super fine Wool 50% / Silk 30% / Cashmere 20%