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We love our materials 3

We started new model lineup for specially woman by the material Cotton Silk , which is raw material from 50% Pima cotton, 50% Wild silk, from this spring&summer collection 2011.
Wild silk gives a accent effectively like proper brightness on the look and a refreshing feel, it created a mixed material for the Spring and summer.
We use this material, which is knit a little transparent, for the models of using natural pleats enough.
We think the most important point is to discover the best balance when we create any thing. Discovering it and using it. At the same time a view of unique beauty of people who makes things affects if we can do or not.
Also the people who creates or makes things, as us, has always a great responsibility.

50% ピマコットン(Pima cotton) / 50% ワイルドシルク(Wild silk)のこの素材はレディースのみで展開しています。