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Trial sample by new material

We are trying some models by new material KATMANDU, which is raw material from 50% Super fine wool, 30% Wild silk, 20% Cashmere.

Wild silk gives a accent effectively like proper brightness on the look and a little refreshing feel. Cashmere gives a extra-soft touch which is only able to get from Cashmere. So this is different material from LAMORA.

What do we make by this new material?

We will propose some models for the chilly season like a early spring or a early autumn, which are knit in high gauge. It will be thin but warm knit-wear so you will wear all season if you are in the cool summer climate, also you will wear it under the model of LAMORA in the cold winter too.

In the above picture, it's a renewal type of HEIST. We will make, woman's model for woman, and man's model for man, with the different patterns and details by sex.

We are trying and testing to wear now. Please keep your interest up!

新たに取り入れる素材KATMANDU (50% Super fine Wool / 30% Silk / 20% Cashmere)でテスト中です。






For Autumn/Winter
- Super fine Wool 75% / Angora 25% (LAMORA)
- Super fine Wool 100%

For Spring/Summer
- Pima cotton 100% (DAKOTA)
- Pima cotton 50% / Wild silk 50% (Cotton silk)

For Middle season ( we are trialling now)
- Super fine Wool 50% / Wild silk 30% / Cashmere 20% (KATMANDU)