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Pitti Filatiin Summer Florence

Last week, we went to Florence, Italia, for visiting Pitti immagine Filati which is one of the biggest exhibition of the yarn. This exhibition holds twice a year, in January for the spring & summer collection and in July for the autumn & winter collection. Many companies of filature exposes there, and also the research companies or ateliers, the company for industrial machine. This time Pitti Filati was the 69th exhibition and they gave the theme " RECYCLETHIC " as they had given it every time. The hall was decorated with the theme and there was a proposal materials area.

先週、イタリアのフィレンツェで行われた糸の展示会Pitti immagine Filatiに行ってきました。年2回、1月と7月に行われています。1月は春夏用の素材、7月は秋冬用の素材が展示されます。今年は何とかスケジュールを調整して行ってきました。展示会場は各社のスタンドをメインとし、関連するリサーチ会社、機械の会社などのスタンドもあります。また、毎回Pitti Filatiからテーマが設けられ、69回目の今回は「RECYCLETHIC」というテーマが掲げられていました。会場内もテーマに合わせてディスプレイされ、特設会場では素材提案の展示もされていました

 " Lanacardate "
For all the AW collection of us, we use the yarns of Lanacardate who places great importance on quality. We consulted about some materials for the next AW collection and we ordered some new yarns. Please keep your interest up.


" Iafil "
For all the SS collection of us, we use mainly the yarns of Iafil who can dye the colors very well.


 And the displays of each company, for example material samples and original atmospheres, will serve as a reference for having inspiration. Among of all those displays, an atmosphere of NEW MILL was very nice for a reference when we will have own shop in the future.

各社のディスプレイも参考になります。自社の糸を使って作られた素材見本のほか、スタンド全体の雰囲気もオリジナル感たっぷりです。中でもNEW MILLという会社のディスプレイは、店を持つ時にはこんな雰囲気にしたいなぁ、と将来への参考にもなりました。

Also trying to feel the air of next fashion, being in a very different environment that is climate, architectures, food or language, from daily life. We can say frankly it is very good and important thing for daily life. So we will try to visit there.