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model : CHARELOI (made by CANBERRA)

About the material for AW collection.
We are making some models in the material of CANBERRA which is made by 100% Super fine wool, in addition to the another material of LAMORA.By increasing some threads, we can get a little thicker material than material of LAMORA. However it must be in a middle gauge for keeping lightness.Thickness of thread, thickness of knit material,  a soft touch by highest quality wool, etc... we like to create the best that are given by all mixed elements of material.And it's important to reflect well too about a relation between material, model and detail as a shape of collar, width between neck and shoulders, pocket, button, etc.
In addition to some models we already have, we are trying to get a best shape now for next autumn and winter.


秋冬の素材。LAMORAに加えSuper fine wool 100%のCANBERRAでのモデルも少しずつ加えいます。糸の本数を増やし、やや厚みを感じる素材を作ります。LAMORAの モデルよりもや厚みが出ますが、軽さを保つ為にあくまでミドルゲージで。糸の太さや編み地の厚み、上なウールの肌触りなどが組み合わさって生まれる、素材 感が活きるモデルを作ります。ディティールの関係も大切に考えなければなりません。襟の雰囲気、首の幅と肩幅の関係、ポケット…ボタンも重要ですね。既に 出ているいくつかのモデルに、来秋冬には更に数点加えるべく只今微調整しています。

For Autumn/Winter
- Super fine Wool 75% / Angora 25% (LAMORA)
- Super fine Wool 100% (CANBERRA)

For Spring/Summer
- Pima cotton 100% (DAKOTA)
- Pima cotton 50% / Wild silk 50% (COTTON SILK)

For Middle season ( we are trialling now)
- Super fine Wool 50% / Silk 30% / Cashmere 20%