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We love our materials 5

We released an exclusive model lineup by the material Camel, which is raw material from 100% Camel hair, for specially our 5th anniversary in the Fall&Winter collection 2014.

The Camel hair is a very fine fiber and it is particularly appreciated for the softness and performance time after time. The Camel hair is "hand combed" and then selected with "dehairing" operation similar to the one used for the cashmere fiber. Only the duvet is used for the production of the yarn that we use.
The fiber selected to produce the yarn come from Bactrian Camel of the best breeds in Mongolia. It is much finer and more regular than other types of camel, it is a rare and very selected fiber from young animals, that is why it is often called Baby Camel.

It is possible to hankdye the yarn, but camel hair gives the best results when knitted raw white(Natural) and it gives awesome color which never has artificially. It's therefore the reasons why this materiel attracts us.

2014年のコレクションには、私達MOTHER HAND artisanの5周年も記念し、エクスクルーシブラインとして100%キャメルヘアーのモデルを発表しました。