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Dear Our Valued Customers

Thank you for your constant patronage of MOTHER HAND artisan.

Since July 2009 we established our production and activities in Brussels (Belgium), however, as of summer 2018 we relocated our base of operations to Japan.

In this regard, this AW 2018 will the transition period and we will re-launch properly from 2019.

Our principles have not changed since we started. We wish to produce knit materials that will be loved forever and also that you still want to wear even if they are worn out.

We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future. We will put the best of our will, feelings and questioning, of ourselves, into our products and embrace the gratitude of all of our customers.
Meanwhile for this period we will undertake our production with deep care and concern.

We will, however, provide a small amount of AW 2018 products in a different way as usual. It will be informed on this website.
Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

November 2018